Vegan Keto Grilled Cheese with 1 Delicious + Soft Protein Bread Recipe

Vegan Keto Grilled Cheese with 1 Delicious + Soft Protein Bread Recipe

Vegan Keto Grilled Cheese featuring a high protein bread that’s soft and delicious – guaranteed to make you forget you miss eating carbs!

The Base of this Bread is made with Pea Protein, Coconut Flour, Psyllium Husk and A Just few Other Simple Ingredients. Scroll down to see the Recipe Before it’s Lunch Time so you can give it a try then!

My Protein Bread recipe has 329 – Calories, 40 grams of Protein and 3 Net Carbs (not including the @daiyafoods vegan cheese)

If 329 Calories Seems like too much for the bread then feel free to have half! The portion is actually pretty huge so half will still be very filling plus half of the bread will still have 20 grams of protein!

For this Vegan Keto Grilled Cheese You can use your Favourite (Preferably Meltable) Vegan Cheese! I used a Cheese Slice from Daiya – it melted Wonderfully and it tasted pretty darn great too!

I remember trying Daiya Cheese Years ago and thinking it wasn’t my favourite but now I genuinely really enjoy it! I think in the coming days I will

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Vegan Keto Grilled Cheese Recipe – Check it Out Below

vegan keto grilled cheese recipe

Grilled Cheese Instructions:

Click the Video Below to See How Melty the Cheese is in this Vegan Keto Grilled Cheese!

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Vegan Keto Protein Bread??? Leave a bread 🍞 emoji below if you want me to post the recipe Saturday 🥰 by @ketoveganqueen (macros below) – -My bread recipe has 329 -calories, 40grams of protein and 3 net carbs ( not including the @daiyafoods vegan cheese) – -I thought the best way to feature this protein bread was with a grilled cheese video 🧀 😎 – -“God will only give you what you would have asked for if you knew everything he knows” -Timothy Keller @timkellernyc – – – -#grilledcheesesandwich #vegangrilledcheese #vegancheese #daiyacheese #ketobread #proteinbread #lowcarbbread #glutenfreevegan #highproteinlowcarb #homemadebread🍞 #veganlunchideas #ketolunchideas #ketoprotein #satisfyingfood #veganfoodspace #meltedcheese #plantbasedcheese #lowcarbvegan #veganprotein #peaprotein

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