Nut Free Keto Bun Made in 2 Minutes Easy + Tasty!

Nut Free Keto Bun Made in 2 Minutes Easy + Tasty!

Nut Free Keto Bun – The Perfect Recipe when you need a Quick Bun for a Burger, for a Sandwich, to toast and eat with soup or maybe just because you are craving bread! Recipes like this will make you forget you ever missed Carbs and Gluten I promise!!!

Whether or not you have a nut allergy, I think you will enjoy this recipe!! It’s simple and so versatile – it can be used for sweet and savoury purposes!

With this Recipe you have the Option of Cooking this Bun in the Microwave Or you can take a little extra time and pop it in the Oven and fill your house with that fresh bread smell!!

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nut free keto bun

Nut Free Keto Bun Recipe!! Check it out Below:

bun recipe

Earlier this year I ended up Buying a 5 Pound Bag of Coconut Flour off of Amazon and it’s been amazing to have for recipes like this nut free keto bun!

The coconut flour was a great price for the amount you get and it bakes so well in a plethora of recipes! Every recipe I have used this flour in so far has been light and fluffy and just overall amazing!

Check out this Picture from my Instagram to see what I ate this Nut Free Keto Bun With!!

Need a Burger Patty to go with this Bun Recipe? Check out this Nut Free Burger Patty Recipe!

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