Keto Dairy Free Swaps – 9 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Ditch Dairy!

Keto Dairy Free Swaps – 9 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Ditch Dairy!

Keto Dairy Free Swaps: Leaving Dairy behind can be tough, sometimes it’s hard not to miss certain foods you have grown up eating. Unfortunately from time to time we need to make changes in our diets but fret not it doesn’t have to be a sad ordeal it may be a freeing change!

Down below you will see that I have listed the Keto Dairy Free Swaps and hopefully some useful information so you can implement these swaps into your diet as soon as possible!

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Keto Dairy Free Swaps List:

Keto Dairy Free Swaps

#1. Whipped Cream! – Coconut Cream: Coconut Cream makes for an amazing whipped cream alternative! It’s light creamy and perfect for coffees, desserts and more! You can either make your own coconut whipped cream or buy one (just be careful about the potential added sugars in store bought)

#2. Butter! – Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil makes for a great Butter alternative especially for baking! Coconut oil is solid like butter and it melts just the same! If you miss that buttery taste you can always consider mixing in a butter extract into your coconut oil! Alternatively there are some wonderful store bought dairy free vegan butters now a days!

#3. Milk! – Nut Milks: Nut Milks make for great keto dairy free swaps! Finally now that veganism is more well known it means there are some great products out there. You can find so many nut milks in the grocery stores but if you’re feeling handy you can easily make your own at home! If you’re nut free you can always make some flax milk or even hemp milk!

#4. Yogurt! – Almond Milk Yogurt: In my keto dairy free swaps graphic I mentioned using almond milk yogurt but there are more options such as coconut yogurt, soy yogurt and even cashew yogurt but the trick is to find one without a lot of carbs and sugar! Usually your best bet is to look for one that says Plain and Unsweetened! Kite Hill makes a great Almond Milk Yogurt!

#5. Parmesan? – Almond Meal: A mix of Almond Meal, Nooch (aka Nutritional Yeast), and Sea Salt makes for a great parmesan cheese alternative…. No I don’t have a specific recipe on this dairy free swap yet but I’m thinking I need to make one like ASAP!

#6. Sour Cream! – Cashew Cream: There are a ton of great recipes on Cashew Sour Cream! My mom and I have made a few in the past and found them very tasty! I will link to one from Oh She Glows

#7. Cheese! – Nut Cheeses: Thank goodness for Nut Cheeses there are a multitude of nut cheeses you can make and it’s pretty impressive! I’m thinking back to the time I made an accidental Mozzarella and it ended up being perfect for pizzas, lasagnas and more! If you don’t feel like making your own then check out the brand Nuts For Cheese they are Amazing!

#8. Paneer! – Extra Firm Tofu: who knew Tofu make the keto dairy free swaps list? Tofu is a great paneer alternative because of it’s plain taste and firm texture!

#9. Ice Cream! – Frozen Coconut Milk: There’s no reason to not eat ice cream when you’re keto as long as you have a can of full fat coconut milk on hand you’re golden! There are a ton of keto coconut milk ice cream recipes out there I particularly really liked one from The Big Man’s World

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