Keto Cinnamon Rolls No Cheese – Delicious Vegan Recipe!

Keto Cinnamon Rolls No Cheese – Delicious Vegan Recipe!

Keto Cinnamon Rolls No Cheese Recipe! If you’re looking for a Keto Cinnamon Roll Recipe that has no cheese and no dairy at all then CONGRATS you have found what you’ve been looking for! Scroll down to find out more 🙂

The ingredients for this keto cinnamon rolls no cheese recipe is completely Vegan + Gluten free and it is just generally a pretty simple recipe to make! The recipe only makes a batch of 4 small cinnamon rolls or two/three larger cinnamon rolls it just depends on your preference on how small or large you roll them out to be!

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Okay Time to tell you about the Ingredients for the Keto Cinnamon Rolls No Cheese Recipe:

keto cinnamon rolls no cheese

The End Result!

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I remember when one of my Instagram followers asked me to make a cinnamon roll recipe I really didn’t think it could be done… of course I do feel like this recipe could use some tweaking , but overall I was very pleased with this keto cinnamon rolls no cheese recipe… so pleased that I ate the entire first batch to myself… but dont worry I shared the second batch I promise!!

Actually my family who is kind of particular about the foods they eat, surprisingly enjoyed these cinnamon rolls too! So perhaps I can make these again for a party, or pot luck or some event! haha or maybe I’ll just make them again for a snack for myself!

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